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The world’s best tasting gluten free products Born out of love…

In 2013, Kim set out to combine her knowledge of baking, and her passion and determination to make the world’s best gluten free products for her husband. In the process she realized her mission would go far beyond just helping him.

This opened her eyes to the massive number of people with auto-immune and gluten intolerance issues. To create amazing food, she would have to go outside the “gluten free box” of what had already been done, so after four years of formulating and creating recipes, the world’s best gluten free was born.

Finally, with Mrs. Hewitt’s you can satisfy your cravings for delicious home baked bread, cookies, cupcakes and more without feeling like you had to give up your favorite foods.

WARNING “your” gluten free food is no longer safe in the pantry, even gluten eaters will gobble up our products!

Only REAL premium ingredients are used, no preservatives and nothing cheap or artificial here because Mrs. Hewitt’s is bringing smiles back one bite at a time.


The difference is the rich, delicious flavor and blissful eating experience baked with love into every product we offer. Our products are carefully crafted and developed to make it easy and convenient to have great tasting breads, baking mixes, and desserts on your terms.

Have a gluten intolerance and a sweet tooth? No problem! The taste is so good you satisfy the craving without worry. We’re bring smiles back one bite at a time.

Masterfully Crafted

Incredible Flavor

Easy & Convenient


Several years ago, we found out first-hand that a new label, new promise in different packaging or a new gluten free brand didn’t make what was inside the package taste good. Like many fellow gluten free sufferers, we kept thinking that one day, someone would get it right. Never happened, so we put Mrs. Hewitt to task and she delivered…BIG TIME.

Please don’t take our word for it, try our products and you will be amazed. It may seem hard to believe that you have stumbled upon the World’s Best Tasting Gluten Free Products…but you have and now is your chance to begin eating better than those who avoid your food.

And a fair warning…your Mrs. Hewitt’s gluten free products will not be safe in the pantry from gluten eaters. They will love these products as much as you. They are clean label, great tasting products that will bring back memories of the foods you fondly remember.

Better yet, see what our customers are saying.

All photos of products on this website are taken of Mrs. Hewitt’s finished recipes. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives or stock images!


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