Should You Consider Gluten-Free Pet Food?

At GF Bakers, we’re proud to offer the finest gluten-free products provided by Mrs. Hewitt’s fantastic recipes. From gluten-free desserts to breads, baking mixes, gift boxes and numerous other products, we’re dedicated to allowing those with Celiac disease, non-Celiac gluten sensitivity or a simple desire for a gluten-free lifestyle to enjoy some of the sweeter items available in this realm.

We’re also happy to provide expertise and answer questions you may have, particularly if you’re new to the gluten-free diet – such as if you recently had a child with Celiac disease or discovered your own gluten sensitivity. One common question folks in this position may have: Should I consider feeding my pets gluten-free food to keep myself or someone else in my house safe? Here are some basics to consider if you’re going gluten-free and have pets like cats or dogs in the home.

Airborne Gluten Risks

For starters, it’s important for those with Celiac or a significant gluten sensitivity to realize that gluten does not have to be physically eaten to impact the body – it can be ingested through several methods, including airborne formats in many cases. For those with extreme sensitivity, even areas like dog or cat food could be an issue – the dust and debris from filling even a single bowl of this food may risk airborne transmission of gluten into your airways, and it only takes trace amounts to cause a reaction.

In these cases, individuals with pets should strongly consider gluten-free pet food to keep themselves safe. For those with lower sensitivity or who are going gluten-free by choice, this may be more of a trial-and-error situation; we recommend erring on the side of caution, but if you are able to test your circumstances and see if you deal with any related gluten issues from pet food, you’re usually safe to attempt it.

Contact Formats

It’s also important to remember that many people like to make close contact with pets, even including kissing them in many cases. This type of contact can very easily spread gluten, especially if you’re kissing the animal on the mouth where they may have recently eaten food with gluten in it. If you’re this type of person and you have Celiac or a significant sensitivity to gluten, we highly recommend gluten-free pet food.

Kids and Pets

In cases where you have a young child with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, the need for gluten-free pet food becomes even greater. Kids are lower to the ground and tend to get their hands and faces into just about everything, including pets and even sometimes their food supplies. Combine this with the fact that it may be harder to communicate with younger children about how dangerous their condition is, and it’s clear you should remove them from harm’s way in several ways, including purchasing gluten-free pet food.

For more on pets and gluten-free food, or to learn about any of our gluten-free baking products, speak to the staff at GF Bakers today.


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