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Wholesale Gluten-Free Bread

If you’re looking for the best wholesale gluten-free products available today, you have come to the right place.

For years, our customers have been savoring Mrs. Hewitt’s GF breads, baking mixes, cookies, brownies and desserts. Now, your customers can too, when you offer our beloved products at your bakery, restaurant, specialty shop or coffee house.

We have forged quite a reputation with our GF sandwich bread. The taste and texture have made our bread a staple in GF households across the country. Perfect for making sandwiches, toast or grilled cheese, your customers will return time and again to grab our fresh loaves off your shelves.

Our GF bread is available in homestyle white and we now offer rustic rosemary and vegan multi-grain options. Our bread freezes exceptionally well, making it easy for you to keep plenty of stock on hand for your discerning customers.

Our GF bread mixes — including cornbread and focaccia — are also available wholesale, so your customers can whip up their own fresh bread at home.

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Wholesale Gluten-Free Desserts

The entire line of Mrs. Hewitt’s GF desserts is now available for wholesale distribution. When you offer our delectable cookies and brownie bites at your business, you will be amazed at how quickly you build your GF customer base.

We have a wide variety of GF cookies and cookie bites to choose from. Select our iconic chocolate chip cookies or some of our other popular options and give your customers the highest-quality GF desserts available today.

Everything we make is prepared in our certified GF facility. Our time-tested recipes and fresh, wholesome ingredients produce results that you will be proud to offer in your restaurant, bakery or coffee shop.

Wholesale Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Do your customers clamor for truly great GF baking mixes? When you offer any of Mrs. Hewitt’s products — like GF pancake and waffle mix, cornbread mix or focaccia mix — they can enjoy these amazing treats at home.

Our GF waffle and pancake mix makes it easier than ever for your customers to whip up a tall stack of GF pancakes first thing in the morning. Nothing beats our GF cornbread mix for anyone who prefers to keep gluten and wheat out of their diet.

For a truly unique homemade GF bread, try our focaccia mix. Piping hot from the oven, our GF focaccia makes any meal a special occasion.

To learn more about our wholesale gluten-free products — or to get started offering these unique desserts and baked goods to your customers — contact us today.


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